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One of the most stunnig archaeological discovery of the last years was uncovered on the south-eastern slope of the fortified area of Hradisko. During rescue excavations was found groundplan of sizable earth-wooden building with regular system of inner disposition. Unfortunately, about 1/3 was destroyed by previous road construction and other earthworks. Nevertheless, it is possible to discern characteristic groundpland of a standardized Roman military hospital (lat. valetudinarium).The lenght of the longer side of the building was 71 meters and width 42 meters. The groudplan is divided into wings with central communication corridor (10 Roman feet wide, 2,92 meters) and paralel lines of rooms. Beside a few irregularities in spatial displacement, in most of the cases there are standardized units in form two wards (15 - 18 sq meters), divided by narrow corridor (1,3 meters wide). In south-western side is room displacement rather different. There was uncovered the entrance into the inner courtyard, covering area 617 sq meters.The total area covered by the Roman military hospital equals to 2950 sq meters. This evidence from Hradisko at Mušov represents the type of building, which can be seen exclusively in the largest camps of the Roman Empire. From the province Britania to the north Arfrica and Syria there are know only bit more than 10 evidences. Also it is the most extensive building from the whole Protohistoric development in the Czech Republic.



Areal photography of uncovered foundation trenches of the Roman military hospital (left). Reconstructed lightning conditions of the central communication corridor of the Roman military hospital (right).



Digital reconstruction of the Roman military hospital, which subsurface structures were uncovered at the foot of the hill Hradisko at Mušov (click the picture to play).