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The inner build-up area of the Roman military base at Hradisko was uncovered in very limited scale so far. Yet between the years 1926 and 1928 was uncovered unique evidences of antique architecture in the north parts of fortified area. Back then discovered enclosure, consisting of residential building with four rooms and baths, considering the war conditions, could be interpreted as luxury residential complex, some sort of "hotel" for the highest representatives of military personnel and establishment. Smaller scales of the baths implies rather private use, but there were all necessary rooms including cold and hot water. Baths determined for ordinary Roman soldiers will be at Hradisko perhaps found in the future.



The both of the buildings were equiped with underfloor heating system (in latin called hypocaustum). Construction of the floor consisted of regularly placed columns of bricks 30 centimeters high. They carried larger covering bricks, which were covered 10 centimeters thick layer of cast mortat floor. In the hollow space beneath flew and circulated hot air from outside stone furnace (in latin called praefurnium). Further hot air circulation was provided by hollow bricks in the walls. Only the underfloor parts of the buildings was preserved but the walls were made in earth-timber construction technique without using the stone. Acording to archaeological finds the inner walls were decorated by smooth plaster. On bright background were painted red, blue and yellow decoration rectangular motives. The roofs were covered whit fired roof tiles and guttertiles.



Solid reconstruction of undefloor heating system in the residential "mansio" complex. (Regional museum in Mikulov)



Digital reconstruction of baths found in Hradisko at Mušov (click on PŘEHRÁT to play)