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1The branch office of the Institute of Archaeology Brno in Dolní Dunajovice has been working since 1981. It was found mainly for rescue of archaeological monuments endangered by construction of the Nové Mlýny dam on the river Thaya. Since 1986 the branch office has gradually profiled as a specialized institution focused above all for the research of the Roman and Great Migration Periods (1st - 6th centrury AD).


3In 1999 the branche office has moved form the temporary leased premises of the local rectory to the own building. Its gradual reconstruction has been finished recently and now it provides full conditions for a professional scientific work in the field. The archaeologists and terrain technitians from the branch office carry out field excavations, process ascertained archaeological finds and also participate on rescue excavations in the region.


2The main concern dwells in scientific research of life of the Germanic populations, which had settled the south Moravian territories since turn of the era. Among the most attractive archaeological monuments - even in the European context - are counted unique evidences of the Marcus Aurelius' Legions from the 2nd half of the 2nd century AD. The results of scientific research are regularly presented on domestic and international conferences, consequently published and also presented to the general public.